South African Player “Ab De Villiers Retirement” from international cricket

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On “Ab De Villiers Retirement” from international cricket, he said- Next time I will bring a strong team to the IPL

In the 11th consecutive IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore could not perform well. The main players of this team, adorned with the top stars of the world, take great applause from the audience by performing well, but because of not being teamed up, many times Bengaluru does not perform as well as it is capable of. This season also, there are only two cricketer batsmen from Bengaluru. First- Virat Kohli, then the second- AB De Villiers. Now when the RCB is out of the tournament, De Villiers has apologized to his fans for putting a video message. In the video, De Villiers claimed that he will come out with the strongest team next time. But the news of “AB De Villiers Retirement” came the next day. Their fans on social sites are not able to understand why finally the De Villiers took this decision.

Ab De Villiers Retairment from International Cricket
Ab De Villiers Retirement from International Cricket

However, De Villiers has said in the cast video on his Instagram – he knows that RCB did not perform well on this occasion. It will definitely disappoint our fans but I want to show that we tried to play great cricket. Sometimes the circumstances do not happen in our favour. Despite this, we are trying to give our best performance. We did that too I hope next year we will come back with a better and stronger team and will be up for the fans’ expectations.

Thanks to all our fans for always standing right behind us! #RCB

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